You want to put nutritious food on the table.

You want your kids to know what a vegetable is, and maybe even put one in their mouth on occasion.

You want food to be fun, not stressful. You want brownies.


You want everyone to get up, move and play and do things, not just chill on the couch with a screen. Most of the time.

You want them to be strong and energetic, not miss out on the fun because they are out of shape or too tired.


You want your kids and family to grow into amazing people who are curious about the world and eager to engage with all it has to offer.

You want them to be confident and resilient.

You want them to learn to nourish themselves, to take care of their bodies and minds as they become increasingly independent.

You want all these things for yourself, too. So do I.

And on any given day, some or all of these things can seem like impossible dreams. Where do you start?

Creating an ideal thriving family is overwhelming unless you define and come back to your basics. For me, that means: Eat (nourishing, enjoyable food), Move (often, varied, joyfully), and Grow (learn, connect, improve). They tie together. Eating well and moving well support a life in which we can grow well.

Parenting is… hard. You know that. A constant learning experience. Just when you think you’ve hit your stride, you’re thrown for a loop by the newest crazy behavior. What was working yesterday isn’t working today, and you don’t know why or what to try next. You need to constantly refocus on what is important. Look at what “next” move you can make to help them grow today.

Join me as I share advice, ideas and my experiences learning about…
  • Getting kids involved in choosing and cooking foods
  • Handling mealtime with babies and toddlers
  • Providing opportunities for the whole family to be active
  • Making movement natural and enjoyable, not a chore
  • Cultivating curiosity and independence
  • Improving yourself while you care for your family

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More about me…

Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a stay at home mom of two amazing little boys in the baby and toddler stages. I’m also a registered dietitian (RD) and certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD). Just in case you think a master’s degree in nutrition means my kids eat perfectly, well, think again. My nutrition background informs my choices, but I still end up with a toddler drinking ketchup through a straw. (No, I didn’t stop him. Maybe I took pictures and even gave him some advice on how to do it more effectively…)

I ran for my school teams through college, and still do the occasional road race. “Great” or “fast” don’t describe my results, but running became a key part of my identity. I hope my family can experience the same joy in movement, whether or not they become star athletes.

It was through my sports life that I was drawn to nutrition. After reading every fitness magazine I could, first reveling in the promises of this diet trick or that workout plan, then becoming overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice and unrealistic ideals.  Thankfully, along the way, my focus shifted from eating to look a certain way, to eating to feel a certain way.

Now I see that nutrition is endlessly complex, but the goal is simple – feel good! There are as many ways to eat well as there are individuals. Instead of aiming for perfection, I take an informed but relaxed approach.

And that is the approach I want to instill in my family. What you choose to eat is important because it affects how you feel, which affects your ability to engage in and enjoy your life. What’s not important is “passing the test,” avoiding “bad” foods, or impressing others with diet perfection.

Like any new parent, I know it can be a struggle just to get through the day, much less have a long game. But since deciding just what a “healthy, thriving family” means to me, I can see the opportunities to get there through small moments and choices. I hope you enjoy growing with me!

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